Your club looks small. Is it?

Not at all. Don't be fooled by the small front of the building. The building is two stories high. It has main lobby, six VIP rooms, office, locker room, two laundry rooms, two break rooms, second office/supply room, four suites for out of town girls, 2 bedroom/2 bath master apartment, five bathrooms, 2 ATM's and one cashless ATM, a back yard with sitting/barbecue area. 


What should I bring?

Bring one form of any of the following government ID: Driver's License, State ID card, Worker's Permit or a Passport from any country (used for age verification). Also, Social Security Card.


What should I wear?

We do not dictate what you wear. You can wear what you like. Girls who are successful and make money say that the following works best for them: 

-No stripper clothes;

-Whatever makes you look beautiful, sexy, approachable;

-You should accentuate what you have. For example, if you have a flat stomach you should show it.


How much can I make in a night?

We are a very seasonal. Our season starts on the third week of October and ends on the third week of June. During season the average girl makes between $1,000 and $3,000 per night. Our top girls make $3,000-$4,000 per night, but they are the exception rather than the rule. During off-season, we slow down and therefore cut down on the amount of entertainers that we book. It is done in order to help the girls make roughly the same amount of money even though the number of clients diminishes off-season. 


In order to book with us, you simply provide us with the dates you wish to work. It is best to do so two weeks ahead of time. 

You are an independent contractor, you get to choose the dates that you book, we exercise no control over you.  If you ever want to work for a similar business, that is fine with us. 

Can I bring my own clients to the club? 


If I drive, where can I park?

The club is located at 1221 Duval St., you can park on Duval St. or United St. which has metered parking. Also,  if you go a block over, there is free parking. There is a small street to the left of the club that has free parking. 


When is the best time to come?

Thursdays are always the best time to start. It is slow enough for people to be able to assist you, but busy enough to make money.


Is this a strip club?

No, it’s all private one-on-one rooms. There is no stage and no pole.

It is like going straight to the VIP room of a strip club

When is the club open?

The club's open hours are 11am-6am seven days a week. We offer different shifts during those hours to accommodate everyone working. 

How do I get there (transportation)?

The bus station and the plane terminals are located at the Key West Airport. The club is five minutes away from the airport as well as the boat docks. If you arrive in Key West during our open hours, a manager can come pick you up in one of our company's vehicles. Our address is:

1221 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33040

We are located at the corner of Duval St. and United St., next to the Southernmost Hotel.

 FYI     There is a boat from Ft. Myers to key west. to book a ticket go to or call 239-463-5733


The club does not provide training as such. You are a performer and we won't tell you how to perform. But, there are always a few girls working that have been doing this for a while. You can watch them in a session, listen to what they say and do and learn to hustle. You can do sessions with other girls for as long as you like until you feel completely comfortable on your own.  

Negative reviews:

Negative reviews we generate seem to fall into two categories. First, there are negative reviews posted by former entertainers who did something very wrong or had a falling out with another entertainer and are using the reviews as a way of getting back at her by hurting the club. Second category encompasses negative reviews that are posted by unhappy clients who feel they spent too much money and did not get to have sex. Which is far better than him saying he had sex and spent very little, don't you think?


     The club has rooms and apartments that girls from out of town can utilize to rest in between shifts. Space in limited, so try and book ahead. Make sure to let club know you want that room,  don't assume they know to set it aside for you. We don't allow pets (except for licensed and documented service animals). We don't allow you to bring friends, family or visitors. The area is just for those that are working with us. 

What should I bring or have with me while I work?

  Body lotion (lightly scented or no scent at all) and your favorite music CD, if you have one. A simple code lock if you plan on using club's locker room. Having a robe is also very convenient while you work.