What makes us different?

1. 98% of our clients are tourists. They are more free with their money. They spend more than they would at home because they are trying to develop a memory to last them a lifetime. 

2. We don't just throw you in and expect you to know what to do. We allow you to observe a session in progress so you can get the feel for how things go. We have girls that can go in a session with you and teach you everything. 

3. Sessions are up to an hour but most clients are in and out in less than 30 minutes.

4. Key West has many events that attract millionaires from around the world. There's the Sailing Regatta, the Speedboat Races, Poker Run, Lobster Week, Writers' Convention, Fantasy Fest and Artists' Convention,  just to name a few! Every wealthy person in the world sooner or later comes to Key West.

5. There is no sexual contact at all.  The biggest complaint our clients have is they spent a lot of money (thousands of dollars) and didn't get sex. Do you really feel that's a bad thing? Would you prefer clients said they spend very little and had sex?

6. Key West is an island, about 2 miles by 4 miles in size. Key West is famous for its bars, music and large nightlife. it has lots of water, beaches and sun. You can hit the beach by day and work or party at night.

7. We treat you like the independent contractor that you are. We don't exercise control over you. We don't tell you what to wear. We don't care where else you work or if you date clients ordo escort work on the side. We don't get involved in what you do off property and when not working with us. 

8. You chose what dates you want to work. You can work as little as one day a year. We do not care how much you work. It is completely up to you. Work as much or as little as you want. 

9. Our ATMs go through 30k a week. 

10. If you wish you can bring in your own clients. You can even use your own advertising methods. You can promote yourself as you see fit as long as you do not break any laws or city ordinances. 

11. If you are pretty but shy and feel you are not good at hustling, or you don't speak English very well, we have girls who can help you pull tips and make money.

12. You don't need to have a car on this island in order to get around. Everything you need is right next to us, we're in walking distance to everything.

13. We are very discreet. Only one person there will even know your name.

14. No daily house fee. You can never go negative by working with us.

15. You don't have to tip out doorman, DJ's etc. 

16. You don't have to put up with idiots coming in to nurse a drink all night. You set your own prices. You control your own money.

17. Clients pay $300.00 just to walk in the door (that eliminates the riff-raff). The average tip to the average girl is $450.00 per client. 

18. You don't have to wear heels, you don't have to dance on some elevated stage hurting your feet, ankles and legs and back. You don't have to go on a stage in front of a bunch of losers and beg for dollar bills. We are not a strip club, there is no stage and no pole. All sessions take place in a private one-on-one setting, in cozy private rooms. It's like going straight to a VIP room at a strip club.